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9142463439 - No answer - 12 minutes ago
8053803030 - This Thousand Oaks area VOIP caller is super-desperate by phoning again today, less than 1 months since the last unwanted call on Dec. 27. Once again, when the call rolled to voice mail, the caller left no message, just dead space. This is a favorite ploy of robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) who troll the phone lines seeking gullible schmucks to victimize. In the past, "Chris with Family Builders" would announce his presence on the answering machine. Some posters report that "Family Builders" has phoned from other numbers in the past, and has been characterized as a scam contractor. Folks, these telecriminals specialize in wallettechtomy -- surgical removal of the wallet. Protect yours! Let your answering machine capture their pathetic attempts at scam artistry! - 21 minutes ago
8157082178 - Just plays background music when I answer. - 1 hour ago
4152315674 - VOIP caller located in San Francisco, CA - 1 hour ago
2674035653 - Texting my friend pretending to be my close friend to get nudes. not cool. - 2 hours ago
7076562108 - distarp - 2 hours ago
5159717102 - always calls trying to get credit card # to lower rate - 3 hours ago
2692487094 - Via Text - 3 hours ago
7017307176 - Subhash - 7 hours ago
9739710523 - hi - 9 hours ago
8134304350 - Caller was sending obscene photos and texts repeatedly without my consent or want. I felt disturbed ,threaten, and bothered. Never spoke or met this person ever!! - 10 hours ago
8130630226 - Not resort u have company Product or 50 days - 11 hours ago
9792778753 - Hlo - 16 hours ago
9123087800 - Scam artist. Wants money for fake business - 16 hours ago
4242094660 - hello tech - 18 hours ago