what you can do to stop Robo calls?

  • Ask your phone company to offer robocall-blocking technology for which the FCC has now given the legal approval.
  • Register your number on the Do Not Call list in order to block telemarketing calls: www.donotcall.gov
  • If you use robocall-blocking technology already, it often helps to let that company know which numbers are producing unwanted calls so they can help block those calls for you and others.
  • Tell unwanted callers that you do not consent to the call, make a record of the number and when you made your request not to be called, and let us know.
  • Wireless and landline home phones are protected against telemarketing robocalls made without prior written consent from the recipient.
  • Congress also explicitly empowered consumers to choose to take legal action.

Information Source: FCC.gov

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